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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Ten: Las Vegas and LEO!

Las Vegas, finally!  A year without seeing Fawnia is a year too long.  This was my first pole-free day in over a week, which actually felt strange and empty!!!  But I'm sure my body appreciated the break.  First of all I had to introduce myself to Fawnia's ADORABLE Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Leo...

Terrier by name, and absolutely heartbreakingly cute Terrier by nature!  A miniature power(doll)house of energy who zooms around the house for 90% of the time I see him awake.  Pow!  Zoom!  A never-tiring bundle of playfulness.  Leo was the second dog I've had the fortune to meet along the way; the first was Ckeanna's (slightly larger) terrier.  I'm loving these cool little characters with all their idiosyncrasies and antics!  Most of all for their unwavering affection and loyalty.  
The afternoon wore on with the essentials: laundry, and catching up with this blog, FB, emails, and the like.  All things that can be incredibly hard to keep up with on the road.

Sunday evening we headed out to see a show I've seen before and would see again too: LOVE!  Playing at the Mirage, this show was created as an homage to the Beatles and all of their music (which is best appreciated I think like this, in stereo surround, Theatre-In-The-Round, with world-class performers bringing the music to life before our eyes!).  One of the latest Cirque Du Soleil creations, the show manages to tell story upon story about the world of the Famous Four without losing out on any of the the mind-blowing imagination-sparking acrobatics that we come to see.  In fact, in this production, the acrobatics are all the more spectacular.  I particularly loved the female aerialists on straps and aerial corde lisse contortionist.  You can see more about the amazing LOVE acts here.

And so my time in Vegas began in the best way possible: with the lovely Fawnia, and being inspired yet again by the artistry of Cirque... Mmmmmm!

This post comes to you live and thousands of feet in the air via Virgin on-board wi-fi!

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