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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Nine: Philadelphia, Part Two! -> LV!

Day Nine... Yawn, stretch, make coffee in cute hotel coffeemaker (not a single kettle in any hotels I've stayed in - no tea for me!), pack everything all over again, and out the door (grabbing a famous Philadelphia Pretzel from the tray in the foyer on the way).  Thoughtful Heather had a coffee ready and waiting for me (thankyou Heather!) and once we got to the gym, we were off and running into another day of pole!

Girls came from as far away as upstate New York (5 hours drive away!) - an effort that never fails to impress and to touch me... that these women are so passionate about pole dancing, so inspired by myself and other instructors who now tour, that they will drive or fly for half a day to get to class.  It really makes my day.  I love being a part of this fledgling industry!  There's so much excitement, so much growth, so much creativity to be found!  And moreover, the more I travel, the more women I meet with a certain generosity of spirit, with a willingness to share the joy and to connect as a community.  The days of withholding and control are long gone, girls.  What brings us forward is the opposite: working together and sharing what we have.  

Heather and I!

After a huge day in the studio, and many photos later (hey Philly girls! please tag me on FB in any photos you have there so that I can find them!), Heather drove me to the airport for my next flight.  First, however, a photo or two with the family:

and then, would you believe it, the airport was all but empty!  No long lines to check in, no queue at security... it was just my luck to be there late in the evening.  The only downer (apart from the sadness to be leaving new friends)?  NO Starbucks in the entire terminal!  And I know - I walked the entire place, dragging my heavy laptop bag over my shoulder the whole way!

How quaint!  Rocking chairs in the Philadelphia Airport Terminal!

Five hours later, out of the pitch black darkness of the Mojave desert, rose a monstrosity of lights... Las Vegas!

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