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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Twelve: Las Vegas: Group Classes!

Spinning Pole Class!  Today was the first time we'd officially run one of these - most non-Australians seemed to have little or no experience in spinning technique and were thus nervous about coping with the momentum and the Dreaded Dizziness. So I was thrilled to be able to help out with both of these issues, starting with a gentle introduction and moving on to some quite advanced moves.  By the end, I had a class full of students relieved to have started the journey towards not only conquering their fear of spinning, but ready to start having some fun with it.  YAY!

Next class was intermediate/advanced and it never fails to impress me, the range of moves under that title.  These classes can contain anything from students who are still preparing to invert on their own, to girls who are just about ready to fly!  All in all, the class kept me on my toes in the best possible way, finding variations and transitions to suit everybody.

It was only early in the week but already girls were arriving from far away states to take class with me - hmmm let me try to remember some of them - Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona; Iowa; Florida; oh and yes, one friend from Alberta, Canada.  All coming together in the middle of the Mojave in the name of Pole!

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