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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Six: Orange County!

Lucky for me, I DID wake with my alarm and was soon out of bed and on the road.  Every day was starting to melt into the next as I've often had to stay up to pack before sleeping, so that getting on the road is an easier process.  The difference with this journey was that I wasn't packing for a flight (how heavy is my check in? what can I carry on?), just a road trip.  Much easier... EXCEPT... after this day's work, I would be driven directly to the airport for my red-eye flight to New York.  So I really did need to have everything in order, with changes of clothes and toiletries etc.  Phew, traveling like this is hard work!  We were on the road in good time, taking a series of US freeways that put our Australian highways to shame.  

OC Pole Fitness in Aliso Viejo is a beautiful studio (one of two) with quite high ceilings and... mmm... how can I say it... an exceptional ambience... I'm not if it was the lovely dark & smooth wooden floors, the deep purple curtains, or the many tempting goodies (fishnets, OC-branded clothing, shoes etc) on the shelves.  I think it was a combo of all of the above.  It's just a lovely, lovely studio to dance in.  And what a day we had: class after class, privates, choreography, and tricks, until the evening drew in and it was time to get to the airport for my flight.  Collette kindly drove me and thus I had the chance to spend time with her two daughters too - gorgeous girls - Collette is one busy and go-getting lady!  I thought it was hard enough just running businesses, but to be a mum as well... all you girls who manage this, you are all so very amazing.

Me and the girls at OC Pole Fitness!
We arrived at Long Beach airport and after a fond farewell to Collette and her girls, I made my way into the terminal - and just had to stop and take my camera out.  This has to be the coolest airport I've ever been to!  No modern monstrosity, but quite the opposite: the art deco-styled terminal was built in 1941 and has been maintained in that style to this day - it's heritage protected.  It was nice going through such a small and thus less busy airport, for a change.

Long Beach Airport years ago...

... and today...

Some inside shots...

The flight to New York... well, of course, that's why it's called a Red Eye Flight...yikes.  I'd had such a great day dancing (though after not enough sleep the night before, I was by now quite tired), and Long Beach airport was a great experience, so the flight itself was a bit of a shock.  Sitting almost bolt upright for 5 hours in a tiny economy seat in the hours when my body wants its deepest rest... ouch is a good word to describe the experience.  More... in my next post!

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