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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Fourteen: Las Vegas and the Miracle Mile

More girls arriving!  More classes!  Girls exchanging stories on the deals they got at their hotels, which shows they've been to see overnight... Girls swapping business cards and singlet tops (ummm, in the US, apparently singlets (Bonds style) are called "wifebeaters"? yikes, I feel politically incorrect just writing that!)... The week was well and truly "in the swing" and so were we!

Again, I was meeting women who had flown in from locations all over the US; plenty of instructors and studio owners also came by to play and learn (because there's always more to learn, and that's half the fun!).  I'm so full at the moment, so happy first of all to have the opportunity to meet these women, and to connect with them, but also to share what I can.  A double bonus is messages coming through to me afterwards letting me know what a brilliant time they had and how much they came away with!  I really don't believe in holding back in class.  Within a student's range of ability, I love to share whatever I can to get them to the next level, and I'm finding more and more that that's a lot about body awareness.  That is, knowing what's going on both physically and mentally within oneself, and thus being able to make better choices.  After all, pole dancing is highly acrobatic (especially these days) and a thoughtless dismount can mean weeks of pain.  Unconscious dancing gets you nowhere, and usually leads to injury.  And I know that after each one of my workshops, my students were smiling (tired, but happy) because they came away with little gems to lead them to the next level.

After class, I felt inspired to do some Vegas-style shopping... so Miracle Mile it was!  The Miracle Mile is located inside the Planet Hollywood casino and it does feel like a whole mile of shops!  I circled the whole thing, but of course made a beeline for my favourite: The Bettie Page store, where I spent ages trying on dresses and skirts before allowing myself to choose just one thing (my luggage was already stretched!).  What was it?  Hmmm, perhaps a photo soon!

The Betsey Johnson Store

There she is!  The Bettie Page Store!

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